Herpeset Review

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The stages of a cold sore are the first step of understanding what you’re dealing with.

Now it’s time to treat the cold sore.

Given the scientific evidence available, it’s safe to assume that Herpeset is able to offer fast relief from the inflammation that causes most of the pain and lip cracking caused by oral herpes outbreaks.

While the evidence to support the claims made of Herpeset being able to speed up ulcer and abscess healing may be tenuous, there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that it can speed up wound healing and minimize inflammation.

These two properties alone make Herpeset a highly effective treatment for oral herpes outbreaks.

The Main Benefits

Herpeset can work equally well for relieving symptoms of both genital and oral herpes virus

Provide relief from the most common symptoms of herpes outbreak





This spray works effectively against itching, burning, swelling, pain, inflammation and stinging

Not messy to use

No harmful ingredients, you do not need to worry about side effects of using Herpeset

90 days money back guarantee

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Cold Sore Home Remedies

    • Lip balms with at least 1 percent lemon balm.
    • Drinking lemon tea and using lemon tea compresses.
    • Apply peppermint, mint, and witch hazel oil.
    • Aloe vera gel can soothe inflamed sores while providing crucial moisture.

 Here is a video for home remedies. I’m so sorry, but it’s mostly reading…


Question & Answer

Q: Are cold sores herpes?

A: Yes, but not necessarily. Cold sores are usually caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Q: Does herpeset work?

A: Herpeset will relieve your cold sore symptoms or your money back.

Q: Where can I purchase herpeset?

A: You can get your own bottle today with this link.